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News Spring Summer 2019

In this new edition we would like to show you the close link that we have with our cooper. Wood, a noble material par excellence, must be treated with respect and by taking time. Rigor, passion and exigency are the common values that we share with La Maison Rousseau.

A partnership that has lasted for 10 years and one which endorses the style of our vintages, that little extra that you could not quite put your finger on maybe comes from the symbiosis between the wine and the wood…

And in order for our Bottles to be as good as our Champagnes, we wanted to add more material and relief to our labels, here is a photo to give you a taste of this new creation !


Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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News Autumn Winter 2018

It is a real pleasure to write to you following the 2018 harvest, the harvest was really excellent: quality and quantity await you!

The juices are incredibly scented with a rich texture and we have already remarked a surprising finish with a rather saline touch. This can be explained by our root system which had to draw water and trace elements, essential for development, from a greater depth. We will certainly obtain a finesse and a very promising mineral freshness in our future cuvées.

Now we have to wait at least 9 months to have the necessary perspective. As you know, the development of a quality Champagne requires time and after the long process of development and blending this winter, we will be able to determine if this 2018 harvest is worthy of being classified among the “exceptional” Vintages “. So patience …

In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to something quite unique, our rosés, because even if our house is located on the Côte des Blancs, one distinctive feature is having land suitable for Pinot Noir. As the soil of Vertus is a real “paradox” in our region, planted mainly with Chardonnay, it has allowed us to develop no less than three Rosé Champagnes. Vintages with incredible character and we would be happy to let you (re) discover them!

And as good news comes in pairs, we are ready to introduce our Clos du Faubourg Notre Dame 2009. And just this once! We are not following the chronological order of the Vintages … The 2009 Vintage, result of a “solar” year, is ready … The 2008 Vintage will be left on lees for the moment in our cellars.

We wish you a very happy holiday season.


Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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News Spring Summer 2018

This Spring, we have decided to offer you a new version of our newspaper. A new, more refined creation that represents the style of our Veuve Fourny vintages perfectly.

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News Autumn Winter 2017

In this edition of our newsletter, you will discover all the staff working with us for many years.
Enjoy this discovery.

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News Spring Summer 2017

In this edition of our newsletter we shall explain more about pruning, its importance and the way of doing it in Champagne.
We hope you enjoy our article and have a very pleasant spring.

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News Autumn Winter 2016

So in this publication we shall address the latest grape harvest of 2016, the release of our Magnums and recent articles in the press.
We are happy to share the high points of the Veuve Fourny Champagne House with you.

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News Spring Summer 2016

This spring you will be able to discover our Trilogy of Rosés, a rarity in Champagne.
You will be seduced by the diversity which, whilst still respecting the Veuve Fourny Champagne style, also highlights the unique Vertus terroir.

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News Autumn Winter 2015

2015 has been for us an exceptional year for several reasons. Our champagnes are more and more present in the national and international press, which, coming from the professional trade, is a real and touching proof of the value of our work.

In the meantime, while we wait for this sumptuous vintage, we hope you will enjoy our various cuvées which have also been carefully crafted, ready for tasting and enjoyment during your end-of-year celebrations.

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News Spring Summer 2015

When Spring is coming, the first lovely days are of course a great opportunity to enjoy life and good wines, Champagne of course!
Your friends will be delighted to discover our range of Vertus Premier Cru champagnes, with their special chalky terroir features.

Please enjoy this newsletter.

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Newsletter Autumn Winter 2014

Our family has been producing champagne wines since 1856, and we have inherited a know-how as well as old vineyards, including the Clos Faubourg Notre Dame, a rarity in Champagne.

Since 1993, we have taken over the Family House and strive to continue what Albert, our grandfather and René, our father had been working on.

We select our wines according to our specific plots in order to highlight the specific features of our terroir in Vertus Premier Cru.

We like to insist on the fact that we are wine craftsmen, we work on our cuvées with much care and precision in order to provide you with neat wines, and an elegant and fresh style.

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News Spring Summer 2014

2013 was an eventful year for our Champagne House, we have reworked our website and rethought and modified all our communication tools. We also take this opportunity to thank you for the welcome you showed for all these novelties.

For 2014, we started it with a very moving event. In January, we were designated as the bearers of the Saint-Vincent staff, a great gesture from our peers. When leafing through our newsletter, you will find out about this traditional feast and you will discover how it works and why it is so special. An event which we like to share in Champagne.
Moreover, this year, the guest of honour was Michaël Edwards, the famous and emblematic wine and food critic and journalist.

A very British Day…

Please enjoy our newsletter and great tasting moments in the company of our champagnes.

Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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Newsletter Autumn Winter 2013

The Veuve Fourny & Fils House has decided, for the end of this year, to reveal its new visual identity. We wished to evolve the image of the House by offering a different version of our newsletter but also a new website.

For many years we have been investing in our vineyards, and more recently in new cellars, in order to further improve the quality of our cuvées. It was now time to look at the communication around our House. We sincerely hope that, through the newsletter and website, you will recognise our passion and will to offer the best of our exceptional Vertus Premier cru terroir.

We wish you a pleasant Christmas with your family and some lovely tasting moments.

Warm regards,

Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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Printemps Été 2013

Notre maison Veuve Fourny possède un terroir magnifique, classé en Vertus Premier Cru, au cœur de la Côte des Blancs. Une réelle spécificité qui confère un style unique à nos champagnes. Et pour vous proposer le meilleur de notre maison, nous mettons tout en œuvre, du vignoble jusqu’à la cave, pour extraire la qualité singulière de notre terroir et l’expression la plus pure du cépage.
Ainsi, vous pourrez apprécier des cuvées prestigieuses et épurées que la presse a largement plébiscitées cette année. Nous vous souhaitons une excellente dégustation en compagnie de nos champagnes.

Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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Automne Hiver 2012

Nous avons terminé les travaux de notre nouveau bâtiment qui accueille désormais notre cuverie. Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir pu intégrer cette nouvelle architecture au sein de notre domaine. Pour le choix des matériaux, nous avons opté pour la pierre, le bois et l’acier.

Un nouvel outil indispensable pour réaliser un travail de qualité sur de petits contenants. La place commençait à nous manquer, il devenait nécessaire d’avoir plus d’espace car la garde des bouteilles sur lie en cave, permettant d’affiner et d’affirmer le style de nos Premiers Crus, exige plus de trois années de vieillissement. Nous pourrons ainsi continuer à vous proposer notre travail d’orfèvre qui consiste à sélectionner au mieux l’expression parcellaire. Un véritable challenge au quotidien que nous sommes heureux de relever à chaque millésime.

Vous souhaitant une bonne lecture et de très bonnes fêtes de fin d’année.

Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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News Spring Summer 2012

2012 : Fourny from Father to Daughter...

2011 is for us an exceptional year. It was marked by a wonderful harvest, which will allow us to provide you with a remarkable vintage, but it is not all…

Emmanuel and Catherine, his wife, have become the happy parents of a baby daughter called Elise. Born on December 28th, she is the 6th child of the 6th Fourny generation. A very happy omen… This reminds me of a quotation by Marguerite Duras “There is always something left from childhood, always…”.

We hope she will keep happy memories and positive values which will guide her throughout her life. To each of our children, we wish to transmit the respect of the family, the passion of our “terroir” and the love of Champagne. Noble values which we hope may lead her to our trade.

In the meantime, we are keeping some bottles of Blanc de Blancs 2011 Vintage, for one of her birthdays…

Charles Fourny

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Automne Hiver 2011

Les vendanges 2011 précoces

Nous avons débuté les vendanges jeudi 25 août… date inhabituelle et précoce pour la région Champagne, en raison des conditions climatiques exceptionnelles en 2011, après la sécheresse du printemps et les pluies de juillet. Nous avons commencé par les Pinots noirs, qui ont été éraflés et mis en cuve pour la macération, destinés au Champagne Rosé 1er Cru, puis nous avons récolté les Chardonnays.

Les jus engendrent un bel équilibre : très belle fraîcheur “acidulée”, un fruité agréable et très parfumé. Les vendanges ont été, cette année, très prometteuses en qualité et en quantité. Nous restons évidemment toujours réservés sur l’avenir de ces futurs vins, comme à l’habitude. Mais tous ces éléments semblent présager de très bons résultats et… peut-être un Millésimé 2011.

Patientons un peu…

Emmanuel et Charles Fourny

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Newsletter Spring Summer 2011

2011: Extension of our cellars

The quality of a champagne is linked to numerous factors. In order to successfully make a great wine, it is vital to improve its production tools, this is why we have decided to enlarge our cellars in 2011.

An important decision which meets several requirements:

The need to have more space, as keeping bottles on their lees in the cellars, in order to mature and strengthen the style of our Premiers Crus, requires more than three years of storage capacity.
The vinification process for each plot is a very difficult and demanding choice to elaborate and various cuvées and their own profiles; in order to achieve this result, we need large numbers of small containers to separate and store the mosaics of our numerous plots which are then passionately elaborated.
All the wine-making operations are essential, it is therefore important to gather our specific equipment in one single location.
Our pressing centre is a little distant from our current vat-rooms.
These various reasons have led us to our decision to build our new wood and stone cellars in 2011. These noble materials will be the jewel case of our champagnes. The story continues…

Emmanuel Fourny

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Newsletter Autumn Winter 2010

Our wealth : a mosaic of terroir ...

In order to enlarge our Domain in Vertus, already quite diversified, we purchased a new plot in 2009. The former owners, a family of winemakers, were looking for a buyer with a good reputation, and especially one practising a vinification by plot in order to express the full potential of this great terroir.

Naturally, they selected the Maison Veuve Fourny & Fils. Since then, we have had the privilege of looking after “Les Barilliers”, in the heart of the historical Vertus terroir. Planted with old Pinot Noir vines, the clayish rendzine soil over a chalky subsoil strengthens the fruitiness, freshness and lovely finesse of our Rosé cuvée. A rarity which we are proud to share with you. With time, our mosaic of terroirs enlarges to provide more champagnes with a strong identity.

Charles-Henry Fourny

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Printemps Été 2010

Une histoire qui commence en 1856

Fier de ce patrimoine, le Champagne est pour notre famille une passion qui s’entretient de génération en génération. Dès les années trente, notre grand-père ne se contentait pas de travailler la vigne et de porter ses raisins à maturité, il était reconnu comme un grand vinificateur. Par la suite, notre père “Roger” a poursuivi cette belle aventure en réalisant des cuvées d’exception, que notre mère a maintenu à ce niveau d’exigence.

C’est en 1992, que nous avons décidé avec mon frère Emmanuel, œnologue, de reprendre le domaine et d’instaurer une nouvelle dynamique avec une typicité terroir accentuée. Déjà conscients du potentiel de notre terroir Vertus, classé Premier Cru, nous avons réalisé une étude approfondie des sols sur la totalité de notre parcellaire. Un travail de fourmi indispensable à notre recherche d’excellence.

Nous sommes aujourd’hui reconnus comme spécialistes du Vertus Premier Cru, grâce à l’expérience familiale et aux liens privilégiés et complémentaires que nous partageons avec mon frère. Déguster nos champagnes, c’est partager aussi nos valeurs.

Charles-Henry Fourny

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Newsletter Autumn Winter 2009

These synonyms illustrate our daily life as winemakers, striving for excellence at each level in our trade. Each detail is essential in the care we bring to our vineyards, in the elaboration and presentation of our Champagnes…

Challenges are permanent :
– The presentation of our new packaging …
– The use of a revolutionary cork …

These permanent efforts have once again been approved by the press.
A rewarding encouragement!

Monique, Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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Newsletter Spring Summer 2009

Multiply the surprise effect by 4!

The image of Champagne has always been associated with festivities.

It is the perfect wine to be drunk at important events or great moments of joy and gaiety. To give even more impact to these happy events, many of you have been asking about the possibility of ordering “large bottles”… This is the reason why we have decided to widen our range in order to meet your expectations.

You can now enjoy our Champagnes Grande Réserve Brut Vertus Premier Cru and Blanc de Blancs Brut Vertus Premier Cru in Jeroboam, i.e. the equivalent of 4 normal bottles …
To satisfy your curiosity, you will find in this newsletter some information on the large bottles available and the main differences for the ageing and conservation of a wine.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

Monique, Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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Newsletter Autumn Winter 2008

Sustainable development is a daily topic for Champagne Veuve Fourny.

For many years, we have been using natural methods such as «sexual confusion», avoiding the use of insecticides. This is a simple technique which consists in placing diffusers in the vineyards which release high doses of pheromones, confusing the males and preventing them from finding the females. Therefore there is no development of larvae which could damage the quality of the harvest.
Progressively, we are changing our working habits, in order to enable our children to keep this magnificent heritage which has been entrusted to us.

In this fourteenth issue, you will also discover the origin of this terroir and the various crus present in Champagne. We will talk about the Champagne Blanc de blancs which has aroused a lot of interest and curiosity …

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Monique, Emmanuel and Charles-Henry Fourny

Newsletter Spring Summer 2008

Newsletter Spring Summer 2008

Dear faithful customers and readers, this thirteenth newsletter gives us once again the opportunity to share with you a few moments. We also hope that none of you suffers from triskaidekaphobia*.

For the beginning of this new year rich in tastings, we are pleased to announce that our Cuvée du Clos Faubourg Notre Dame Vintage 1999 and our Rosé Vertus Premier Cru will at last be available from September 2008.

These two great cuvées, only available in small quantities, are very much in demand. To get a chance to enjoy them in due time, we advise you to send us your reservations now.

Monique, Emmanuel and Charles Henry Fourny

* unreasonable fear of the number 13

Newsletter Autumn Winter 2007

The Veuve Fourny vineyards, our everlasting commitment to nature!

Champagne Veuve Fourny, the fruit of a meticulous labour, comes from vines planted on lands transmitted in the Family since 1856.

Aware of the importance of our lands, and to keep intact the fruit of 5 generations, we take pains with our vine-growing by using the most natural methods.

So, everyday, whatever the season, we continue the work of our ancestors in the respect of traditional values.

Although it might look much easier today with the use of modern technologies and vine-growing methods, we insist on organic farming to maintain the integrity and potential of our heritage.

Monique, Emmanuel et Charles-Henry Fourny

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