Spring Summer 2008

Journal Printemps Été 2008
Des dégustations de janvier remplies de promesses, pensez à réserver...

Dear faithful customers and readers, this thirteenth newsletter gives us once again the opportunity to share with you a few moments. We also hope that none of you suffers from triskaidekaphobia*.

For the beginning of this new year rich in tastings, we are pleased to announce that our Cuvée du Clos Faubourg Notre Dame Vintage 1999 and our Rosé Vertus Premier Cru will at last be available from September 2008.

These two great cuvées, only available in small quantities, are very much in demand. To get a chance to enjoy them in due time, we advise you to send us your reservations now.

Monique, Emmanuel and Charles Henry Fourny

* unreasonable fear of the number 13