Autumn Winter 2021

Journal Automne Hiver 2021

2021 has been the year with the biggestchallenges : the frost, a very rainy summer,then the daily dilemma of either waitinganother half day, or one more day … or notwaiting and harvesting the plot.

Thinking ahead, deciding quickly andimmediately picking was the way ofworking to preserve the optimal qualityof our harvest.

Being good wine growers means beingable to adapt to the conditions that natureinflicts upon us each year. The grapeharvest allows us to take a moment, timestands still … the wine grower has nomargin for error…his/her year is at stake.

After the harvest the vines will rest forthe winter and the wine grower canre-establish a more normal rhythm bydeserting the vines to “take stock” and startthe long process of making Champagne.

“Just as for a high fashion workshop,each plot of our vineyard is envisionedas a piece of fabric, of cloth. Assemblingthese pieces of fabric allows us to createunique pieces every year. These piecesmake up our collection with its distinctstyle : distinguished, carved and precise.”

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