Autumn Winter 2008

Journal Automne Hiver
Sustainable development is a daily topic for Champagne Veuve Fourny.

For many years, we have been using natural methods such as «sexual confusion», avoiding the use of insecticides. This is a simple technique which consists in placing diffusers in the vineyards which release high doses of pheromones, confusing the males and preventing them from finding the females. Therefore there is no development of larvae which could damage the quality of the harvest.
Progressively, we are changing our working habits, in order to enable our children to keep this magnificent heritage which has been entrusted to us.

In this fourteenth issue, you will also discover the origin of this terroir and the various crus present in Champagne. We will talk about the Champagne Blanc de blancs which has aroused a lot of interest and curiosity …

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

Monique, Emmanuel and Charles-Henry Fourny