Rosé “Vinothèque” MV2000 – Magnum

Extra-BrutPremier Cru

It is the representation of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay terroirs, classified as a Premier Cru in the village of Vertus, in the Côte des Blancs. A unique experience, the fruit of more than 20 years of aging on lees in magnums in our cellars. A wine collection from the Vinothèque family, mostly from the 2000 vintage and enhanced by Reserve wines (MV: “multi vintages”) kept in small wooden containers. This fabulous Cuvée Rosé gives the taster unique sensations. Standing out with the astonishing subtle citrus freshness, a structure that moves towards inimitable saline notes mixed with delicate red fruits.


Vertus Premier Cru
Rendzine over chalk
Age of the vines, 40 years old

Grape variety

Chardonnay / 41B
Pinot Noir / 41B
Responsible viticulture


Cuvée (First pressed juices)
7 months on lees, minimum use of sulphur


Mainly Vintage 2000 and Reserve wines kept in oak casks.
Blanc de Chardonnay
Blanc de Pinot Noir
Rouge de Pinot Noir


In bottle, 21 years on lees in our 19th century cellars with a low and constant temperature


3/4 grams per liter, grape sugar syrup


Mytik Diamant,
guaranteed whitout any cork taste