Diplôme HVE


Since August 4th 2020, our estate has had the certification for « HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE » LEVEL 3.

HEV : Official recognition of environmental performance

Defined by the law for the protection of the environment in France, level 3 is the highest stage in this ecological approach to progress. At Veuve Fourny we made the choice to commit to cultivating our vines using a process which is respectful to nature, with an obligation for results.
It is a commitment to virtuous agriculture based on 4 indicators :

• Conservation of biodiversity (insects, fauna, flora) by limiting inputs to a maximum, we use neither copper nor any insecticides.

• Protection of the microbial life of our soil to maintain life.

• Use of fertilizer coming exclusively from organic matter.

• Rigorous management of water resources.

This cerification confirms that elements of biodiversity (hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers …) are widely present on our estate and give nature the possibility to develop (fauna, flora, insects …).
Tasting our Champagnes is to commit oneself to a modern environmental process, by prioritising the purchase of ones wines with the HEV certifiacation.